Teaching Online

Course Modality

The modality of a course says many things about how learning is facilitated. Typical face-to-face (a.k.a. traditional courses) do not use digital and usually online tools as part of the course’s curriculum design.

Watch an online presentation at https://spark.adobe.com/video/KdAj47CgCOfyF.

These days, more educators are relying on online tools to enhance pedagogy and, ultimately, achieve retention. One of those tools is called learning management system (LMS). At ASA College, the LMS available to instructors is Blackboard Learn.

An instructor may use the LMS to share learning materials to students, give out tests, require assignments, or have an asynchronous discussion. Use of LMS is not limited to online classes – classes where the students and instructors do not meet in person, yet participate in the learning process via the LMS and other online tools. In fact, when a course’s design includes the use of an LMS, it is said to have a web-enhanced modality.

Correspondence Education vs. Distance Education

Correspondence Education is when students are given the materials to study and assessments to work on, and require them to submit their work after a period of time.

What makes Distance Education different from the above is that interaction between the faculty and students must be present (and documented for regulatory and accreditation purposes) throughout each week of the term. Furthermore, attendance is based on the weekly interactions and required work. A student cannot be marked present in a distance education course based on merely accessing the course in the LMS, as per U.S. Department of Education (see answer to question number five at https://www2.ed.gov/policy/highered/reg/hearulemaking/2009/credit.html).

Classroom Tools and FERPA

While there are many tools available online, educators and administrators must define fair policies, and evaluate the online tools thoroughly.

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